The engineering challenge facing Edinburgh University’s Hyperloop team, HYPED

Adam Anyszewski, of Edinburgh University’s Hyperloop team, HYPED, will be delivering a technical seminar on the engineering and design process behind their pod prototype at the Manufacturing & Engineering conference and exhibition on 4-5 July at the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle.

HYPED is a University of Edinburgh student society built around passion of Hyperloop technology – an idea initially proposed by Elon Musk as a new way of transporting people and goods quickly, safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Attendees to Mr Anyszewski’s conference talk at 9:30am on 4th July, will hear about the complex engineering and technical challenges the HYPED team continue to face and overcome. The Hyperloop idea proposes loading passengers and cargo into a pod, and accelerating gradually via electric propulsion, with magnetic levitation allowing the pod to glide at airline speeds through a low-pressure tube.

The Edinburgh-based HypED team are winners of a SpaceX design award and a double finalist of its Hyperloop Pod competition. Moreover, HypED was one of 10 across the world to have been named a winner of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge - where they proposed an Edinburgh to London route.

Unfamiliar with Hyperloop? You can find out more about the technology by reading this recent feature article from the Eureka! magazine.

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