Meet the speaker: Stuart Reilly, Toyota Material Handling

Stuart Reilly, of Toyota Material Handling, will deliver the opening keynote at Manufacturing & Engineering exhibition and conference on 5th July in Newcastle, focusing on new innovations and technology in manufacturing. Here we find out a bit more about Stuart and his work at Toyota...

Q. Why are you supporting Manufacturing & Engineering?

"This is our first time supporting the event. We have many loyal customers in the North and are always looking to continue to support them as well as reach out to new industries and opportunities. We see the North territory as being a fantastic area for growth."

Q. What are the biggest challenges facing your industry?

"Constant change & development. We operate in so many areas of industry and business that each sector demands a single & often unique approach. As world number one manufacturer of materials handling equipment we are very fortunate to be able to offer solutions to all of our customers and support their ever changing business operations."

Q. What key bit of advice would you like to pass on to people thinking about attending Manufacturing & Engineering?

"Traditional Manufacturing & Engineering has a place in our business operations but technology is constantly evolving giving so much choice towards alternatives and new innovations. Toyota Material Handling UK will be demonstrating how, as world number one, we can support every application of Manufacturing & Engineering – it is a must attend event."

Q. What is great about working in Manufacturing?

"Variety both in traditional methods and those not even here yet. The innovation possibilities with Manufacturing are game changing for all business – large or small."

Q. What value does the Northern Powerhouse bring to the UK’s industrial landscape?

"It demonstrates that it can compete with any challenge presented. The industrial landscape of the north offers end users so many choices both local and national – even internationally. The Northern Powerhouse is an absolute confident and professional provider of solutions to all."

To learn more about Stuart Reilly and the innovative approach taken by Toyota Material Handling UK, sign up for his conference session at Manufacturing & Engineering 2018.

Stuart’s free-to-attend talk, titled ‘Toyota – Leading with Innovation’, will take place from 08:30 – 09:15 in the conference theatre on 5th July.

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